QJH810 rapier loom has been a best seller since the first machine was released to the market. It is an auto loom machine that carries excellent mechanical and electronic performance. This type of weaving loom machine has a precise control of the tension from warp and weft, hence improving the fabric quality. The weaving adaptability of QJH810 is very extensive, including natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen, silk, artificial fiber and all kinds of light, medium, heavy weight blended fibers. This model is the best price loom machine for sale in our company.

Salient Features Of
QJH810 Rapier Loom

High Cost Performance and Practicability

The loom embodies nice appearance, reliable structure, advanced electrical control system and convenient operation; it has low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Special Design of Conjugate Cam

Our technicians use computer technology to optimize the contour line of the conjugate cam to ensure a more reliable and stable acceleration movement during weft insertion process. The conjugate cam is made from composite steel to realize an excellent performance in strength and endurance.

Diversified Configuration

Customers have a choice to make changes on take up mechanism, let off mechanism according to their practical usage. This model can also match with SRD motor, without clutch and reduction gearbox driving device, the structure of the loom is more simple and stable. The changes of the structure will save at least 15% of electricity than the common clutch model. SRD motor is new type of high technical machine with high efficiency and stability and can be easily maintained.

QJH810 Rapier Loom

Technical Specs Of
QJH810 Rapier Loom


190cm(75"),210cm(82"),230cm(90"), 280cm(110"),300cm(118"),340cm(134")

Operation speed


Yarn scope

short fiber 5-500Tex (200-2Nm), filament 15-3500Td (1.7-380Tex)

Weft density

3~80 picks/cm

Take up

mechanical orelectronic take-up,maximum clothdiameter φ550mm on loom andφ1200mm off loom


mechanical orelectronic let-off, beam diameter φ800mm or φ1000mm


cam shedding (4~8 frames), mechanical dobby, electronic dobby (12~20 frames), electronic jacquard

Color selector

electromagnetic type, 4~8 colors

Weft insertion



electronic leno selvage device


4KW; direct drive also available

Automatic functions

automatic warp stop, automatic weft stop,automatic pick finding

Electronic control

advanced 32 bitsingle chip microcomputer

Fabric weight


Application Video Of
QJH810 Rapier Loom

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