Weaving machinery: the pursuit of higher value added

With the increasing of user personalized demand, the loom which has the advantages of modularity, universality, high speed and energy saving is more favored by the user enterprise. Falling aggregate demand in order to change the present industry situation, a lot of new design of the loom enterprises software covers everything from cotton to the broad field of glass fiber, at the same time, continuously strengthen the equipment automation and intellectualization.

Through the understanding of the exhibition can be found that the loom device, CAM and dobby device in the product's adaptability and run on the reliability of the further improved, and the installation of quick connection systems for various openings, replacement efficiency is also improved, jacquard device to develop in the direction of high speed and more pin number of the trend is more obvious.

As the performance of air-jet loom and important index evaluating the efficiency of air-jet loom, air jet loom also gas consumption of compressed air with the constant improvement of the speed of air jet loom, importance also appears more prominent. In order to reduce the compressed air consumption of the weft insertion, many loom weaving enterprises have optimized the design of the weft insertion system and achieved the goal of reducing the energy consumption of jet loom. At present foreign mainstream model embodies the design idea of modularization, this not only retains the original plant, the compatibility between the product agency or and shows that the enterprise need according to the requirements of the different varieties of fabric weaving process, adopt the most appropriate institutions or device. In general, the characteristics of jet loom high speed, stability, universality, high added-value and energy saving are more prominent.

In addition, many rapier looms have worked hard on energy conservation, making the improved power consumption only half as much as the jet loom. Rapier loom has applied the module combination design, highly automated digital control technology, continuously improved the equipment structure compactness and convenience of operation, and minimize the maintenance cost.

D2680 high speed rotary electronic multi-arm device.

D2680 high speed rotary electronic multi-arm device adopts the high starting point innovation design with independent technology (patent) rotary opening mechanism; Electronic control system with intelligent and automatic searching function; Having a reliable electronic reading executive; Design analysis and manufacturing technology of high precision conjugate CAM; The adoption of a stable and efficient method of positive return; It can be used to edit the fabric pattern of any kind of fabric. Product opens the mouth to form the double lift is wide open, shed back in form is positive type, pattern control mechanism form electronically controlled, used loom width is 1900 ~ 4650 mm, applicable loom practical speed is 600 RPM.

Np-5200l rotary electronic multi-arm

NP4600 the active CAM shedding mechanism is a company based on market demand for the high speed air-jet loom and the development of a product, compared with the early products of the company and the same products both at home and abroad, to achieve energy saving 20%, speed up 30%, can meet the needs of customers is more broad.

NP - 5200 - l rotary electronic dobby shedding mechanism, is for rapier loom weaving of the market and industry in the future and successful development of a kind of electromechanical integration products, its main function is to expand rapier loom ZhiZhi varieties, improve the grade of textile products and value-added, make loom production relationships between fabric structure and more optimization, make the knitting industry and textile products gain greater economic benefits.

SEJ249S full range

S8 all-series high speed electronic jacquard (S8S ~ 2688) weaving products include trademark, tie, curtain cloth, carpet, flannelette, gauze, etc. The needles are 2688, 5376, 8448, 9216, 10240, 16384, 36864 needles, etc. The opening height is 50 ~ 125 mm and the maximum speed is 650 RPM/min.

The weaving products of SEJ249S (SEJ249S - 6144/9216) include trademark, tie, bedding, craft brocade, garment fabric, lining, gauze, etc. The opening height is 50 ~ 125 mm and the maximum speed is 650 RPM/min.

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