Air jet loom is a shuttleless weaving equipment that adopts jet stream as the force to inserting the weft through the shed. Air jet weaving looms have the features of high speed and high yield. It is one of the most favorable weaving equipment due to convenient management, wide adaptability, high speed, high efficiency and low noise.

We are professional in offering a wide range of air jet looms to our clients. In consonance with the industry standards, our provided air jet looms are precisely manufactured using high-class accessories, raw material and with latest technology. Owing to its excellent performance and easy maintenance features, our jet looms are widely recognized by customers. Moreover, to ensure the quality of our looms, our air jet weaving looms will go through a series of inspections and test before delivered to end users.

  • Medical Gauze Weaving
    Medical Gauze Weaving

    Our air jet medical gauze weaving machine has more advantages in efficiency, labor cost and maintenance over traditional shuttle loom.

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  • Velvet Weaving
    Velvet Weaving

    Our air jet velvet weaving loom is an ideal update for velvet weaving mills due to its efficiency and intelligent performance.

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  • Tyre Cord Weaving
    Tyre Cord Weaving

    The air jet loom has been improved in the structure of let-off, take-up, temple cylinder, selvedge to ensure tyre cord quality.

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  • Fiberglass Weaving
    Fiberglass Weaving

    The model is specially designed for fiberglass weaving, suitable for various species such as No.7628, No.2116, No.1080 and etc.

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  • HH810 air jet loom
    HH810 air jet loom

    It is a well-developed model for airjet weaving with the features of stable weaving performance, less energy consumption and well-designed structure.

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Advantages of Sinotextile Air Jet Loom

  • 1
    Higher production rate and weft insertion performance occurred, 2000m/min
  • 2
    Noise is lower and less power consumption
  • 3
    Multi-color weft insertion up to 8 colors
  • 4
    Automatic pick repairing and pick finding

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Air Jet Loom Related FAQs

  • Q: Which fabric species can our air jet looms weave?

    Denim fabrics, sheets, towels, sports apparel, industrial products, plaids, dobby, jacquard fabrics
  • Q: Which are the main manufacturers of air jet loom?

    Toyota form Japan, Tsudakoma from Japan, Picanol from Belgium, Dornier from Germany, Itema from Italy, Sinotextile from China
  • Q: What is the difference between single hole relay nozzle and multi hole relay nozzle?

    The single hole nozzles need to be adjusted by hand, and are recommended in case of dusty environment or low air quality. More space required, and the distance between nozzles may vary.
    The multi hole nozzles have very stable blowing angle. The design allows a more efficient air stream, giving up to 15% higher insertion speed for the same air consumption. Multi hole nozzle requires less space between the warp yarns, which prevents nozzle marks on the fabric.