What are the World's Top Textile Machinery Companies Doing?

To demonstrate the new achievements of global intelligence

In recent years, China's textile industry has overcome the difficulties of high comprehensive cost and weakened international competitiveness. According to the plan of the 13th five-year plan, we will actively promote smart manufacturing and green manufacturing to promote the high-end of the industry. In the promotion of national "The Belt and Road" and "three" strategy of the textile, in the first half of 2017, China's textile industry has shown a steady and favorable situation in terms of industrial added value, investment and export, in particular, the continuous growth of investment in the central and western regions, the strengthening of the reconstruction in the east and the east, and the development of new products in the coastal areas have laid the foundation for the continuous growth of the textile industry.

According to Liu, the Shanghai international textile industry exhibition is China's first independent national brand textile industry exhibition. Since it was first held in 1984, it has been committed to building an exchange platform for textile and new equipment, new technologies and new ideas, so as to contribute to the development of China's textile industry. In recent years, with the care and support of China Textile Industry Association and China Textile Machinery Association. The exhibition focuses on the requirements of textile "13th five-year plan" and the development philosophy of Shanghai textile "technology and fashion". He strives to build a communication platform that is closer to the needs of enterprises and closer to market changes. The main organizer of the exhibition is closely integrated with the current hot spots, constantly innovating and developing new exhibition ideas and expanding the new exhibition plate, aiming to break through the whole industrial chain of the textile industry. The exhibition, with its cutting-edge and diversified forms, brings together the world's top textile machinery. It has built a professional, authoritative and forward-looking platform for the technological innovation, cooperation and exchange of Chinese textile industry.

Meet the production and trade requirements of enterprises

Although the trade function of the exhibition is gradually fading, Bian says that the 18th Shanghai international textile industry exhibition will still adhere to the path of independent innovation. And build strong market position and brand advantage in the industry, and continuously expand the form of trade. In addition to technical means such as "big data cloud marketing system" which has been put into use in the previous exhibition and achieved good publicity results, the main organizer of the exhibition has been following the demand of the market, and has repeatedly visited the textile and related industry associations and industrial clusters in various provinces and cities.And we communicate with enterprises, dig deeply and meet the production and trade demands of enterprises, actively invite them to visit the exhibition site and purchase.

To improve the level of exhibition service

All the work of the 18th Shanghai international textile industry exhibition is in orderly progress. This exhibition has increased the use of new media. It has used new media to further enhance the introduction and publicity of exhibitions and exhibitors, it has also strengthened its full cooperation with professional media. More than 100 media outlets in 15 countries and regions have cooperated to make the information of the 18th Shanghai international textile industry exhibition spread more widely. More attention should be paid to the communication and publicity of textile industry clusters in the professional audience organization. Let the information of the exhibition be transmitted to all important regions and enterprises more effectively. In addition, there will be many new practices and arrangements at the exhibition, so that exhibitors and spectators can have a better experience and more harvest.

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