The Difference between Rapier Loom Machine, Air-jet Loom and their Fabrics

Distinction of fabrics:

Judging whether the fabric is a rapier fabric or an air-jet fabric can be seen from the side structure of the fabric:

(1) Usually polyester and cotton yarn is rapier (edge-locking device) and filament is jet weaving (planetary gear device).

(2) Air-jet double-opening fabric, one side for thread and the other side for filament. (In the middle is the edge-locking device with planetary gears on both sides of weft).

(3) Rapier double-open fabric, both sides of yarn are polyester-cotton yarn (both are edge-locking devices).

Loom distinguishing:

Rapier loom machine: use rigid or flexible rapier head, bring clamp, guide weft yarn. The rapier loom machine is not only suitable for weaving plain and veined fabrics, but also suitable for multi-color weft fabrics. It is suitable for the production of dyed, double-layer velvet fabrics, terry fabrics and decorative fabrics.

Air-jet loom: The weft is pulled by the jet compressed air, and the weft is carried through the shed. Air-jet loom is characterized by fast speed and high labor productivity. It is suitable for plain and grain fabrics, fine and super high density fabrics and large batch fabrics.

Advantages and disadvantages of grey fabrics:

(1) There are many kinds of fine count yarn produced by air-jet machine, and the main types are light and thin fabrics. There are many kinds of roving yarn produced by rapier machine, and the main types are heavy and heavy fabrics.

(2) From the point of view of equipment, the weft insertion is different between jet and rapier.

(3) When weaving gray fabric with the same weave, the cost of raw materials is the same, and the weaving cost is lower. For example, twill weave, the maximum speed of air-jet can reach more than 800 rpm, while rapier has only 180-200 rpm. Jet blockers watch 10-12 units by themselves, while arrows have a maximum of 4-6 units.

The commonness and heterogeneity of fabrics:

Common: All of them are wool edges. They can be of the same size.

Heterosexuality: On the premise of the same yarn count and specifications:

(1) The jet weight is slightly lighter.

(2) The smoothness of jet plain cloth is better than that of rapier production.

(3) The fabric shrinkage rate of air-jet loom will be higher accordingly.

(4) The quality of jet yarn is better than rapier yarn.

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