What are the textile machinery parts?

When the textile machinery hears many people will say, there is not much relation to us, but there is no direct relationship, and the indirect relationship exists. We wear clothes and trousers, most of them are made of textile machinery, so what about textile machinery parts?

Textile machinery parts have a very critical role in each part, and the following are a few of the textile machinery parts used.

The first is the roller, the roller is mainly applied to the side poor, the edge fault and the rotten edge and the wool edge treatment and other aspects. Make a detailed introduction to the causes of the formation of the edges.

There are many reasons for the formation of the edges, which can be brought into the fabric by the failure of the scissor or the end of the end yarn. Or the filling of the shuttle is interrupted by the shuttle. There are several ways of eliminating the problem itself.

1. The side brace scissors are well matched and installed correctly. Or make technical improvements
2. Reduce the method of the hair side by replacing the shuttle tail yarn.
3. Reduce the way the shuttle tail yarn causes the edges, such as the base of the shuttle box or the fan-shaped brake lever, and the last one can be brushed according to the sley. These are very common.

In the case of textile machinery spare parts often appear, it is necessary to pay special attention to daily use and maintenance.

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