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Reconditioned Rapier Loom(Low Speed)

We are involved in supplying reconditioned small weaving looms, mainly China low speed rapier looms. We offer customer freedom to add or change any of the configurations to meet their specific weaving needs, including continuous take-up mechanism, double fabric pressing rollers, square/round gearbox, tuck in device and etc.

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We offer small weaving looms model like GA747, GA736, GA788 and other models our customers can name at competitive price. The rapier looms are well refurbished and widely recognized by customers in ASEAN countries.



190cm, 230cm, 280cm and etc



Body frame

Renewed, strengthened body frame


Renewed, mechanical or electronic dobby

Weft selector

New, 4~6 colors

Weft feeder

New, 2~4 pcs, small or big

Heald frame

New,12~20 frames

Warp beam

New, 600MM, 2 sets

Cloth roller

New, 2sets

Heald wire

New, 5000~10000 pcs

Drop pin

New, 5000~10000 pcs

Electrical box

New, circuit board and panel

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