Air jet weaving looms mistake stoppage

 The weft yarn is normal, but due to the improper flight of the weft, the yarn in the yarn, the yarn in the weft and the electric fault, etc., the weft yarn will not reach the signal, resulting in the shutdown.

Reasons for the formation

(1) the weft insertion is not normal.
(2) on the right hand side of the strand.
(3) the filling is not in the shape or position of the probe.
(4) there is a problem with the weft head cable, or the surface of the steel mouth of the probe is not clean.
(5) the sensitivity of the weft head is poor and the probe plate is faulty.
(6) the gap between the weft and the reed is not suitable.
(7) the vibration of the reed reed.

Elimination method

(1) adjust the nozzle location, clear the lint, and solve the problem of slack weft.
(2) adjust the tension of the edge yarn to meet the specifications.
(3) adjust the Angle of the final set of auxiliary nozzle and keep the distance from the weft head WWF1 to about 50mm.
(4) replace the faulted probe in time and keep the probe and reed clean.
(5) check the sensitivity of the weft detector so that it does not close the car. Check and replace the weft board at the same time.

(6) Adjust the gap between the weft head and the steel reed according to the installation specification.
(7) the black belt is glued to the reed, which can reduce the vibration of the reed and prevent the spread of the reed jet air.

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