We manufacture spare parts for Staubli jacquard, Bonas jacquard, Grosse jacquard and Chinese brand jacquard, with a wide range covering jacquard modules, M2 module, M4 module, M5 module, M6 module, M2 pulley, M4 pulley, M5 pulley, M6 pulley, electromagnet valve assembly, Bonas pulley, Gross pulley, module driving card, module electromagnet and etc.

Electromagnet module is the most important part in jacquard weaving. The quality of module determines jacquard performance and also fabric quality. After years of research and development, we are now able to manufacture jacquard module with high precision, rugged construction, long endurance and outstanding performance. The first-class material and most updated equipments are used to manufacture our Staubli module. We also accept customization as per customer’s different specification.

Our jacquard modules are completely inspected before delivery to ensure the perfect performance at customer’s factory. Now we have been supplying to both domestic and overseas jacquard machine manufacturers and get wide recognition. And our parts also work with long endurance in Staubli, Bonas and Gross machines.

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