Measures for Reducing Air Consumption of Air Jet Loom Machines (3)

4. Selection of energy-saving auxiliary nozzle

The main types of air-jet loom machines are European looms, Japanese looms and domestic looms. The auxiliary nozzles of European models are porous and irregular holes, and the shape of the trachea is arc, such as the air-jet loom of Dornier Company. The auxiliary nozzles of Japanese models are small holes and single holes, and the shape of the trachea is square, such as the jet looms of Tsudakoma and Toyota.

The main brands of porous and heterotypic pore are Sulzer, Picanol, Superte, etc. The advantages of the multi-hole auxiliary nozzle are that the air flow is softer, the air flow area is larger, the weft is not easy to be pulled, and the weft is more inclusive, so the weft insertion is more stable but the air consumption is large. The main advantages of single-hole nozzle are its fast speed and good clustering, so it consumes less gas, but the weft insertion is not stable enough.

Air velocity and air flow rate are two basic conditions for assistant nozzle to complete weft insertion. In order to reduce the air consumption, it is necessary to reduce the air supply pressure on the premise of ensuring the smooth weft insertion. The data show that the domestic energy-saving auxiliary nozzle patented by the national utility model has good energy-saving effect. There is a big hole in the center of the nozzle and seven small holes around it, so as to emit multiple streams of air. The coarser central dominant airflow is used to gather more fine airflow around, which improves the clustering, reduces the diffusion, and achieves the purpose of solar terms. The test results show that the energy-saving 8-hole auxiliary nozzle is more energy-saving than the existing single-hole and 19-hole domestic and imported auxiliary nozzles, and the total gas consumption can be reduced by 21.5% on average. This kind of nozzle has strong interchangeability and can be applied to various types of looms. It is an ideal new measure to solve the high energy consumption of air-jet loom machines.

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