Main Mechanism of Dornier Rigid Rapier Loom (1)

Opening mechanism

The opening mechanism of the machine can be divided into cam opening mechanism, dobby opening mechanism and jacquard opening mechanism. At present, electronic dobby and jacquard are commonly used, and jacquard and dobby are combined on some looms.

Cam shedding mechanism

The active cam shedding device is adopted in the Dornier rapier loom, with the heddle frame spacing of 12 mm or 18 mm. Because the number of heddle frames matched by cam shedding mechanism is less, up to 12 pages, the variety adaptability is slightly poor. The contact surface between the open cam and the rotor surface is narrow, the stress is high, and the service life of the rotor and the rotor core is not long. In addition, it can not meet the requirements of frequent variety modification, so the loom matched with this kind of shedding mechanism is rare at present.

Dobby opening mechanism

The machine is mainly equipped with an electronic controlled rotary dobby with a heddle frame spacing of 12 mm. The number of heald frame pages has three specifications: 12 pages, 20 pages and 28 pages. There is a parallel down-heald mechanism. The adjustment and positioning of the heald frame is simple and convenient as long as it is carried out above the dobby.

Jacquard shedding

Mechanical or electronic jacquard opening mechanism can reach up to 20,000 stitches, commonly used is 2688 stitches.

Picking motion

The conjugate cam weft insertion mechanism is adopted in the Dornier rapier loom

Beating-up mechanism

The separate reed and conjugate cam are used for beating up the weft on the Dornier rapier loom. The beating up conjugate cam has one set in each of the two main gearboxes.

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