Common faults in jet loom production 6

How to eliminate edge breakage?

①Increase the height of the back beam and the stop frame, increase the tension difference of the lower warp yarn, and reduce the weft resistance;

②Lower the height of the edge brace;

③Lower heald frame height;

④The edge supports the holding force of the edge of the cloth and does not allow the weaving to swim;

⑤Increase the strength of weft yarn and improve the evenness of weft yarn.

What effect does the shock absorber have?

It can cause the suspension of the road, the cloud weaving, and the loose weft and other defects in the process of driving.

What should be noticed in the use of the reed?

①Use torque wrenches to install the steel reed, and tighten the screws from left to right to prevent the tool from touching the dent;

②The reed tool cannot be used in the effective work of the reed.

③Pay attention to the position of the edge and not touch the dent in operation;

④The distance between the steel reed and the scissor scissor is not too close.

⑤During the shearing of the warp thread, the driver shall carry out the cut from the reed of the reed.

What are the causes of wire-drop?

①The quality of raw yarn is poor, coarse yarn, details, weak twist, cotton ball, strip, etc.

② The quality of the preparation process is poor, the knot head, flying flower adhesion, breakage, the grinding of the sizing yarn, the brittle breaking, the breaking of the head, the slurry, the paste, the skewing-head, the pulp spot, the end of the warp of the reed, and the head;

③In the process of the cause, the computer technology is not appropriate, tension is too large, large amount of opening, heddle dropper, dent, warp channel is not smooth, menopause area fly, hairiness caused by cotton ball and so on makes the dropper skew, stopping, deputy nozzle is not smooth broken warp.

How to control the temperature and humidity of the weaves and the moisture regain?

Air jet weaving weft insertion by compressed air, air compressed air temperature is low and dry, release to air jet have a moisture absorption process, in order to guarantee the environment when weaving requirements, reduce the brittle fracture of warp yarn and weaving falling objects, dust, and the requirement of air humidity is about 5% higher than traditional have woven made, if the product structure of cotton varieties, general requirements relative humidity control in the 75 + / - 3%; In addition, the control of the flow rate of the warp yarn will not cause the slime to return to adhesion and, as far as possible, master the slurry return rate to increase the flexibility of the yarn and facilitate the weaving.

How to maintain the electric appliances of air jet loom?

Air-jet loom high mechanical and electrical integration, control circuit board, the price is more expensive, high temperature, high humidity, high dust jet workshop, so the daily maintenance of circuit board is particularly important, electric cabinet inside circuit board, to regular vacuuming, generally don't blow gas, to prevent the contact of fly into the ac contactor, affect their work, electric cabinet door seal, as far as possible, to prevent fly into the dust. Replacing PCB if preheating temperature difference is bigger to the PCB, this is especially important during the winter, and winter holidays, as far as possible close the car's not power, and the workshop is necessary dehumidification, should pay attention to when driving voltage instability will cause the damage of circuit board.

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