Weaving Machine: Multi-Dimensional Layout Wins The Market

The main development and innovation trend of new loom weaving machine technology and products are energy saving and consumption reduction, technical improvement, quality improvement and differentiated innovation. Further innovate key technology and equipment of loom weaving, continuous speed up automatization and high efficiency, product, modular and products research and study to improve loom numerical control system in order to realize energy conservation and environmental protection. 

New and high technology and new raw materials are constantly developing, new textile processing technology is emerging, which not only improves the quality of textiles but also broadens the application field of textiles. Textile processing industry shortage on raw materials, energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements increase, rising labor costs, strategic emerging industry development pace is accelerated, which puts forward higher requirements on textile processing technology. 

In view of the current downstream users on the operation stability, high speed, wide fabric adaptation of the main demands of weaving looms, weaving loom manufacturers have adjusted the production direction, attached not only great importance to the originality, basic, advanced, frontier and theoretical research, but also great importance to the nature of things, such as mechanism, structure, weaving technology with revolutionary breakthrough and development and products with fundamental and disruptive innovations. With unique competitiveness and sustainable development of the power market. At the 2016 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition, these characteristics are reflected in the exhibition which the exhibitions of each weaving loom manufacturers have shown. 

Return to rational and deep cultivated quality 
With the continuous development of technology, the stability, adaptability and reliability of the weaving loom machines are further improved. In the last one or two years, the weaving loom machines have ceased to pursue the high speed, and the market of the weaving loom has gradually returned to the rational and deep cultivated quality. The reliability of China's shuttleless loom has been further improved. 

Mechanical technology co., LTD. Qingdao del Germany SD8100 type series hydraulic looms’ hard frame structure, strengthened chest beam, sill, shelves, low center of gravity line, lowering the weaving loom vibration, more stable in high speed. Through the kumite weft insertion mechanism, the optimal design of shedding mechanism, to further improve the performance of weft insertion. Through electronic dobby, short nozzle and dual pump, 4 colors choice weft combination, can be applied to needs from fine to coarse yarn, yarn from narrow to wide, from normal fabric to double fabric weaving and other special specifications. 

Picanol OMNIplusSummum series air jet weaving looms continue its consistent performance of technical advantages and flexible function. OMNIplusSummum6 - R190 mainly weaves Galatea, equipped with high-speed dobby air jet weaving looms, combined the flexibility and efficiency. The usility of Blue22EasySet's weft accumulator has simplified the control and variety operation of the waste yarn. The omniplussummum4-p280 mainly weaves bed sheet, the loom responds to the growing demand in the market: using a width of 280 centimeters to make a sheet cloth at its maximum speed. The production speed and diversification are guaranteed by the combination of pneumatic folding in the continuous reed. The OMNIplus - X air jet weaving loom is more cost-effective in weaving multiple fabrics based on the j Picanol jet platform. 

Dornier AI air jet weaving loom is suitable for the production of men's clothing of the global fashion industry with high quality wool suit fabrics, designed by Shandong Ruyi suit fabrics is to use dornier loom machines. 

Focus on differentiation 
Nowadays, the market segmentation of loom market is more and more obvious, the product profit space of production of popular fabrics is greatly squeezed, and the equipment manufacturer is not profitable. How to highlight the encirclement? Knowing the market, finding differentiation is the way to go. Many equipment manufacturers have quietly focused on niche markets and have done well. 

The trend of market segmentation of loom market in the future is irreversible. Only by grasping the demands of the user's core can we seize this market. To provide solutions to the market segmentation market and solve users' main problems, we can harvest users' applause and win users' favor. It is evident that the special equipment manufacturers supporting the loom are aware of this. Changzhou steel reed co., LTD. is developing and rolling out a new type of steel reed to meet the requirements of the main engine plant and the user factory.

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