The characteristics of shuttleless looms

The properties of shuttleless looms

These four kinds of shuttleless looms share a common basic characteristic, that is to depart the weft winding from shuttle or to carry a few weft with a small and light weft insertion device instead of a big and heavy shuttle, so as to create favorable conditions for weft insertion with high speed. For the supplement of weft, to apply bobbin package directly to make it go into the weft insertion mechanism through weft storage device in order to have weaving machine to get rid of the frequent compensating weft. Thus, to take advantage of shuttleless loom plays a crucial role in adding the variety、adjust the  fabric’s structure、decrease the defects of fabric、increase the quality of fabric、lower the nouse and improve the working conditions. The shuttleless loom has a 4 to 8 times high speed shuttle looms; therefore, the large—scale popularization of shuttleless looms will improve the productivity by a large margin.

Because the structures of shuttleless looms have been perfect day by day, its chosen materials range widely and its processing accuracy is growing higher. Adding that the development of world technology、the electronic technology and microelectronic control technology has taken place of mechanical techniques gradually, the manufacturing shuttleless looms are the combinations of multidisciplinary such as metallurgy、mechanism、electronics、chemical industry and fluid power. It is a new and high—tech product integrating the electronic technique、computer technology、precision machinery technology and textile technology.

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