Sino Textile Machinery is the leading supplier of jacquard parts and solutions in China. We have been devoted to textile jacquard research, jacquard software development, jacquard spare parts production and supply for dozens of years. We have the hi-tech textile jacquard techniques and the manufacturing ability of diversified mechanical and electronic accessories. Meanwhile we are representing Italian TTS company for the distribution of harness cord, comber board and other jacquard parts. We are the professional manufacturer of jacquard harness and jacquard spares; we have introduced Italian jacquard harness techniques and craft, and adopt imported rope, wire heald, spring and comber board to ensure the first-class quality of harness group. Our harness group is applicable for different brand jacquard machines and will improve the efficiency of weaving loom.

We supply a whole series of loom replacement parts including harness cord, wire heald, jacquard spring, rubber feet, guiding board, heat shrink tube, comber board, injected harness, jacquard pulley set and etc. Our jacquard harness group has been matched with various jacquard machine brands including Staubli, Bonas, S&S, Qihui; we have provided solutions for Somet rapier loom, Donier air jet and rapier loom, Picanol air jet loom, Rifa towel looms, Muller and etc. Label loom spares also available for brands like VAVPEL, MEI, HITEX, MULLER.

Our company has appointed engineers, quality analysts, accomplished and skilled workforce who aids us in presenting the reliable products to our customers. Our service team has the ability to easily manage any kind of serious situation. In addition, our manufactured jacquard parts undergo several rigorous quality tests and inspections to ensure the reliable functionality and longer working life.

Our products are suitable for all Types Jacquard brands including Bonas, Staubli, Van De Wiele, Muller, Grosse and Chinese Jacquard. We provide to these partners not only replacement accessories, but also OE spares of first-class quality. Customized design and service are also available to meet the demands from different buyers.

Sino Textile Machinery is your first choice of jacquard parts. The jacquard spare parts supplies by us have reliable quality, stabe performance and reasonable price. We guarantee customers our best products and service.

  • Jacquard Harness Assembly
    Jacquard Harness Assembly

    Jacquard harness contributes a crucial role in electronic jacquard weaving. The weaving speed of electronic jacquard loom machine has experienced a huge leap in recent years.

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  • Harness Cord
    Harness Cord

    We provide jacquard harness cord using high grade material of fabrication, and conform to all standards in the textile industry.

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  • Wire Heald
    Wire Heald

    Wire heald is a key component of the Jacquard harness assembly. This is the component that interfaces with the yarn, and hence all functional aspects of these elements are strictly controlled.

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  • Jacquard Spring
    Jacquard Spring

    We are renowned organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying of jacquard spring widely used in various industrial and textile sectors.

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  • Comber Board
    Comber Board

    Comber board is used to regulate the harness cords and determine the texture and width of a repeat in a fabric. It is an important participant in jacquard loom weaving.

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  • Staubli Jacquard Spares
    Staubli Jacquard Spares

    We manufacture spare parts for Staubli jacquard, Bonas jacquard, Grosse jacquard and Chinese brand jacquard, with a wide range covering jacquard modules.

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  • Bonas Jacquard Spares
    Bonas Jacquard Spares

    We manufacture & supply all types of original, non-original jacquard spare parts for Staubli jacquard, Bonas jacquard, Grosse jacquard and Chinese brand jacquard.

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  • Gross Jacquard Spares
    Gross Jacquard Spares

    We are the leading manufacturer of various jacquard machine spare parts and accessories, we can supply all types Gross jacquard spare parts.

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Advantages of Jacquard Spare Parts

  • 1
    Sinotextile jacquard spare parts are of the highest quality to ensure optimum performance of your jacquard weaving.
  • 2
    A wide range of jacquard and harness spare parts always being updated so as to meet various parts requirement.
  • 3
    Sinotextile parts have been supplying to domestic electronic jacquard manufacturers, quality close to original ones.
  • 4
    Our massive inventory enables the earliest delivery upon confirmation of order

Richard SWIFT

The quality of the weaving machines provided by SINOTEXTILE is very good, and they provide very enthusiastic after-sales service, which is a reliable partner.

Jacquard Spare Parts FAQs

  • Q: What does jacquard harness consist of?

    A: The jacquard harness assembly consists of harness cords, wire healds, comber board and lingoes that transmit the movement of the hooks to the individual warp threads.
  • Q: What is the information needed for preparing harness assembly?

    A: The number of hooks of jacquard machine, loom width, gantry height, reed number, number of threads per dent and total warp ends.