The Brief Introduction of Weaving Machine

Weaving machine is a fabric made of spinning parts, which is made of grey cloth or finished cloth by weaving, preparing and finishing. In order to distinguish knitting, it is customary to call weaving machine weaving

The fabric or finished fabric woven by a loom is made of two systems of yarn perpendicular to each other, namely warp and weft, which are woven by a loom according to certain rules. To do a good job of weaving preparation, the yarn through the networktwisting warpingsizing and other equipment to make warp (fabric roll axis) and filling package (isattached or cheese). Then  network equipment and the "spinning and twisting machinery" are the same, the rest of the equipment are as follows:

 (1)warping : A certain number of yarns from the package leads, regularly arranged in the beam width on the beam forming rules, forms a uniform layer of warp tension and winding according to the length of a uniform density. The warping machine has a batch warping machine, a warping machine, a yarn warping machine, a ball warping machine and so on. 

 (2) sizing machine: to make the yarn surface coated with a uniform film, to increase the yarn strength, wear resistance, reduce the breakage rate, and make weaving smoothly. The size of sizing machine is divided into sizing machine, warp sizing machine, dyeing machine, finishing machine, warping and stretching machine.

 (3) loom: the warp and woof of each of the two vertical systems arranged by each other are woven into fabric or finished cloth by certain rules. There are many kinds of looms, which are mainly divided into two kinds: shuttle looms and non—shuttle looms.

 (4) finishing equipment: to inspect and repair the fabric quality, to improve and enhance the appearance quality of the fabric, and to pack it into a certain form of equipment. The finishing equipment includes cloth inspecting machine, brushing machine, cloth drying machine, cloth folding machine, packing machine and so on.

Cloth inspecting machine: it is used for quality inspection, winding and length measuring of all kinds of fabrics.

Cloth brushing machine: it is used to remove cloth, impurities and cotton knot, and improve the quality of cloth.

Cloth dryer: it is used for moisture regain cloth drying, to prevent mildew in storage.

Folding machine: to fold according to a certain folding, and to measure the total length of fabric based on the folding and folding number.

Packing machine: to make fabric packing into a certain form, which is convenient for transport and dyeing factory sales.


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