Development Advantages of Air Jet Weaving Machine and Rapier Loom Machine

1. Strong adaptability of varieties

Rapier and air-jet weaving machines have good adaptability. Cotton, wool, silk and linen can be woven on rapier loom, and suitable blended fabrics, especially colored fabrics, have unique advantages. Air-jet weaving machines are suitable for wool fabrics, chemical filament fabrics, glass fiber fabrics and jeans, towel fabrics, etc.

2. High profit margin

According to the application statistics of imported looms, the average imported air-jet weaving machine is about 300,000 yuan. Each loom earns more than 1,000 yuan a day, that is to say, an air-jet weaving machines can usually recover its investment in less than a year. This is the main reason why a large number of air-jet looms have been introduced into China.

3. Fast speed and high efficiency

Jet and rapier looms have high weft insertion rate, fast speed and high output per unit area. For example, Tsudakoma's ZAX series air-jet looms have a maximum speed of 1800 r/min and a weft insertion rate of more than 3200 m/min. Vamatex's Leoardo rapier loom has a maximum speed of 830 r/min and a weft insertion rate of 1500 m/min, which exceeds the shuttle loom. The reed width reaches 3.8 m and wider, and the weft yarn can reach 12 colors.

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