Salient Features Of
AC Filter Weaving

AC filter weaving loom is an innovated model based on our mature plastic round yarn weaving technology. This model is specially designed to produce filter for AC. At present, we cover more than 95% of the AC filter weaving machine in domestic market.

The model adopts reinforced supporting bar, rigid body frame, eight heddle frame, cam shedding, single nozzle and electronic take-up let-off system, effectively reduces stop mark and hideous mark.

Except for air conditioning filter weaving, our water jet loom can also weave insect net, sieves screen, printing net, plastic mesh and etc.

Except for AC filter weaving loom, Sinotextile can also provide water jet loom suitable for plastic tarpaulin, velvet and etc. We welcome customers to contact us with your special requirements.

AC Filter Weaving

Technical Specs Of
AC Filter Weaving

Reed Width: 190~460cm
Speed: 400~500rpm
Applicable Yarn: polypropylene round yarn
Finished Fabric: filter for AC
Fabric texture: honeycomb texture, plain texture
Weft Feeding: single nozzle
Selvage: twist leno
Motor: 2.8kw

Application Video Of
AC Filter Weaving

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