Main Mechanism of Dornier Rigid Rapier Loom (2)

Warp let off mechanism

Gap let-off of independent motor and speed reducer

The let-off devices of the HTN8/S-190 and HTV8/S-220 rapier looms are driven by separate motors. It uses a non-contact sensor and adjusts warp tension by a movable tension adjusting roller (swinging back beam).

Electronic let off

The electronic let-off device of the Dornier HTVS4/SD-220 rapier loom is highly precise. It consists of a transformer and a sensor responsible for measuring work, which ensures that the let-off action is in step with other parameters and devices. Even if double weaving axles are used, two sets of let-off devices can weave the same fabric, which can ensure that the left and right sides of the cloth are identical in appearance.

Coiling mechanism

Dornier HTN8/S-190 rapier loom adopts continuous coiling of gears. Dornier HTVS4/SD-220 rapier loom adopts electronic winding, and its device is basically the same as the electronic let-off device. The speed ratio of the deceleration device (i = 117) is the same, so it can ensure good coordination with the let-off action and has high reliability. The precision of weft density adjustment of the device is high, reaching 0.1 root/cm, and it is stable. In addition, 8 different weft densities can be arranged for each variety, which can be changed with the change of tissue.

Main clutch

The main clutch of the Dornier rapier loom is a set of disc clutch and brake assemblies. In addition to an electromagnetic clutch and brake assemblies, there is also an electromagnetic reversal device. Every time the machine stops, the excitation of the electromagnetic clutch is cut off and the electromagnetic brake is stimulated. The driving motor keeps running and drives V-belt pulley with flywheel disc. As soon as the machine stops, the brakes are released and electrified to control the functions of the machine, such as reversal motion. All these functions are specially performed by an auxiliary motor which can rotate forward or backward.

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