The characteristic of textile machinery


In modern times, people's understanding of the structure and physical and chemical properties of fiber has been deepened, thus creating more and more advanced process methods, which can give full play to the properties of fibers and fabrics. In order to cope with this development, modern textile machinery uses mechanical technology, electrical technology, especially weak power technology to create the processing machine of a wide range and different performance.


The continuity of textile machinery is subject to process flow. For example: spinning 20.8 ~ No. 27.8 cotton yarn, the total draft from of the cotton to the spinning is 13900~19000 times. The technology process including scutching, carding, drawing, roving, spinning and other processes, so the draft must be assigned to the corresponding equipment of each procedure to complete.

Complete Set

The complete set of textile machinery also belongs to technology. For example, according to the cotton spinning process to configure the complete set of machines, the machine sort order and the fixed relationship between the the number of units are decided by the technical requirements. Also, such as a certain range of work loom weaving products, which need to configure the corresponding work range of cloth, cloth and dyeing and finishing equipment, also belong to the complete set. Therefore, the complete set of textile machinery is not only in a factory, but also between plant and plant.

High Speed

One of the main development features of modern textile machinery is to continuously improve the speed of the machine, so as to get high output, to reduce the number of equipment, to reduce plant area, to save investment and labor, which can achieve greater results with less funds.
The main measure to improve the spinning speed of textile machinery is to design parts structure more rationally, use excellent performance material and improve machining precision.

High Efficient

The high efficiency of textile machinery is achieved by adding other corresponding measures based on the high speed. For example, the successful development of the exhaust cotton box and carding machine self-leveling device achieve the combination of cotton and carding, so as to cancel the winding process and cotton-forming device, which saves a lot of handling work and improves efficiency.

Less Maintenance

Modern textile machinery pays much attention to reduce maintenance and prolong service life when designing. The selection of materials and the formulation of heat treatment process have been carefully considered to ensure the parts’ long service life and reliable movement. Some of the use of parts are added enough lubricant in one time when assembling and without refueling in a few years; some use detection device to prevent accidents; some use special machining to make the parts have mirror finish and so on.


Another characteristic of textile machinery is the repetition coefficient of the same part of per machine. Take the spinning machine as an example, each machine has 400 spindles and can simultaneously spin 400 yarns, which needs 400 same steel collars, 400 spindles and so on . As for the number of needles of knitting machines is even larger. Each high-speed warp knitting machine of 6.6 meters working range needs 7280 groove stitches. The machinery plant which products these parts of need to design the corresponding tools, jigs, molds even the dedicated multi-position automatic machine tool or dedicated assembly line according to the volume size to ensure the high efficiency, high quality and low cost of the production these parts.

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