Textile Knowledge: the Difference between Rapier Loom Machine, Air Jet Loom and their Fabric


Fabric’s differences:

Judging whether the fabric is a rapier loom fabric or air jet fabric, the fabric can be seen from the fabric side:

(1) Usually the cotton-polyester thread is the swordstick (the locking device) and the filament is a jet weaving (planetary gear device).

(2) Jet double open fabric, one side for line and the other side for filament. (In the middle is a locking device, a planetary gear on both sides).

(3) Rapier loom double open fabric, both sides of the yarn are the cotton-polyester thread (both are the lock device).

Loom differentiation:  

Rapier loom machine: with rigid or flexible rapier head, with gripping and guiding weft. Rapier loom in addition to suitable for weaving plain and grain fabric, its characteristic is convenient for color change, suitable for multicolor weft fabric, suitable for yarn dyed, double velvet fabric, terry fabric, and decorative fabric production.

Air jet loom: the weft is carried by a jet of compressed air flow to the weft. Jet looms are characterized by fast speed and high labor productivity, which is suitable for plain grain and grain fabric, fine art and bulk fabric.  

Grey cloth's advantage and disadvantage:

(1) There are many varieties of fine yarn in the production of grey cloth in air jet loom. There are many varieties of thick yarn of the rapier, and the variety is low, mainly heavy fabrics.

(2) From the equipment, the jet and the rapier are just different.

(3) woven fabric with organization, raw material cost is the same, low jet weaving cost, such as the twill, jet speed up to 800 turn above, only about 180-200 revolutions, rapier jet a scotch personnel 10-12, and now up to 4-6.

The commonness of the fabric and the opposite sex

Common: all the edges, can be the same specification.

Opposite characteristic: on the premise of yarn support and specification:

1. The jet weight was a little lighter.

2. The flatness of jet flat is better than that of rapier production.

3. The fabric shrinkage of air jet loom will be larger.

4. The quality of the jet yarn is better than the rapier loom.

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