Measures for Reducing Air Consumption of Jet Nozzle in Air-jet Loom Machine (2)

2. Number of solenoid valves with auxiliary nozzles

Generally, there are 24 to 36 auxiliary nozzles in 90 cm air-jet loom machine. The spacing of each auxiliary nozzle in weft insertion channel is 70 to 80 mm. Since 4-6 auxiliary nozzles are equipped with a solenoid valve, the time of 4-6 auxiliary nozzles is the same. This control method makes the leading angle of the other nozzles in each group of auxiliary nozzles larger than the first one, which makes the air flow from the weft head in the second and subsequent auxiliary nozzles that have not yet arrived empty. If two auxiliary nozzles are equipped with one solenoid valve, only two auxiliary nozzles have the same switching time. Although the number of solenoid valves is increased, the injection time is reduced, which creates conditions for saving gas consumption. At the same time, the accuracy of solenoid valve should be considered. If it can reach 1 millisecond, the throttling effect is better. According to the manufacturer's introduction, this new technology alone can save gas consumption by 10%-15%.

3. Reasonable allocation of gas storage tanks

The air storage tank assembled on the air-jet loom machine can expand the air flow from the air compressor room to the loom by pipeline, and has the function of stabilizing the pressure. Because of the friction between the air resistance and the pipe wall in the pipe, especially when the air pressure is relatively high, therefore, reducing the friction loss in this area can also achieve a certain throttling effect. Usually, the pressure of the main nozzle and most auxiliary nozzles at the inlet side is less than that of the auxiliary nozzles at the outlet side and the stretching nozzles. If different gas storage tanks are used for different pressures, the effect of saving gas consumption can be achieved.

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