Air jet loom :Energy saving of air compression system

Most of the systems in the gas supply system are powered by electricity, and the air compressor consumes more than 90% of the total power of the gas supply system. 's gas supply system efficiency according to the survey, most of the plants are low, there is a device does not match, the "big horse-drawn cart" phenomenon, line loss is big, system leakage and improper system control.

1.1 Energy saving principle of variable frequency conversion

The use of variable frequency speed regulation system can solve the energy waste problem of the gas supply system. The system is composed of pressure sensor, PLC, PID, frequency converter, etc., which can be used to regulate the speed of motor. Variable frequency speed regulation system with the output pressure as the object, by the pressure sensor to measure the feedback signal to the PID regulator compared with preset pressure for a given signal, after the PID of the integrated signal receiving frequency converter input side, given that according to the amount of pressure changes in the size decide the working frequency of the motor and rotational speed, and realize automatic adjustment. System have dormancy control function, when the low efficiency of air-jet loom drive, gas, air compressor discharge time is long, cause energy waste, this paragraph of time the implementation of dormancy control can obtain good energy saving effect. The process is: if the weaving workshop drive efficiency is low, the gas consumption is very small; the frequency of the frequency of the frequency of the frequency of the frequency decrease is greater. When it is reduced to 20Hz (the minimum operating frequency of the preset converter is 20Hz), the air compressor side pressure will gradually increase if the air volume of the loom is still not raised. When the preset value is raised, the pressure sensor gives the pressure signal of the pipeline to PLC, which compares the pressure signal measured by the pressure sensor. If higher than the preset value, the PLC gives a signal to the multi-function end of the inverter, so that the inverter will sleep, and the output frequency will drop to 0, the motor will stop running, and the system will be in a state of energy saving. If the pressure signal is lower than the preset value, the inverter is entered into the PID closed-loop operation stage by hibernation state.

Because the inverter control air compressor is based on the demand of hollow air quantity, it reduces the idle time and the power saving effect is obvious. Handan Shengmian textile co., LTD., with the implementation of the conversion of the frequency conversion, the annual power saving can be 8.4 x 105kW • h.

1.2 reasonable control of pressure drop

Any transmission will have pressure drop, the key is how to properly control the pressure drop to reduce energy consumption. The data showed that the power consumption increased by 0.3% ~ 0.5% when the pressure drop increased by 0.01 MPa. Air compressor power produced by every year because of the pressure drop is very big, oil separator, precision filter, dryer is a major part of the pressure drop increases, the timely replacement of oil separator, precision filter, regular cleaning dryer air passage though would increase the cost of some material, but are very effective at reducing pressure drop.

1.3 reasonable selection of air compressor

Air compressor exhaust, outlet pressure has a direct influence on energy consumption, so the requirement on the premise of meet the gas supply pressure, accurate calculation process of gas pressure loss, choose suitable air compressor exhaust pressure, in order to avoid unnecessary pressure, reduce energy consumption. Efficiency and than it is worth noting that the power is to measure the performance of the air compressor energy saving level is very important indicators, selection to select high efficiency, lower than the power of the air compressor [5]. Reasonable choose the number of air compressor, make its in high load and high performance region, at the same time considering the regional climate conditions and water conditions to determine the suitable air compressor cooling way, reduce the energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the air compressor [6].

In addition, the improvement of air compressor room temperature can improve the efficiency of air compressor. Experiments show that the environment temperature every 11 ℃, compression efficiency by 3%, as a result, the air compressor plant working environment temperature control for energy saving is also cannot be ignored.

1.4 air aspirating pretreatment

Under the same conditions, the compressed wet air is more than the expansion work done by the compressed air, and the larger the relative humidity, the larger the energy consumption of air compressor is. Using compressed air pretreatment equipment, removing moisture and dust in the air in advance can improve the efficiency of air compressor, reduce the resistance of drying filter, and reduce energy consumption [7].

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