The maintenance of the picanol looms

The maintenance of the picanol looms

(1) The section of the sword shall be opened for inspection after 3 months of operation, and the clearance of the blade shall be adjusted. The adjustment method is as follows:
1. Remove the thin copper sheet from the seam and adjust it to make it flexible. Check it out.
2.you want to change the oil at the same time, because the new gear have powder to appear in the process of operation, oil will flow and grinding together, direct violation gear itself, diesel reassembled after cleaning, can prolong the service life of parts.
3.But also change the sword the Angle of the gear, generally every 3 months to 90 ° Angle switch 1, 4 times a year, so can greatly prolong the service life of parts.
(2) The scissors, cut, while unit to conduct regular maintenance, often should check whether the small eccentric bearing is short of oil, fan-shaped plate under the eccentric shaft is loss of oil, big belt copper plate should be short of oil. This part is electronic transmission, must pay attention to bearing wear.

The Operational attentions of knitter

(1) Treatment of broken warp yarn
It is mainly the warp thread of the side support, the warp thread that is broken at the edge, the warp thread of the steel reed is not allowed to be placed in the edge, and the yarn is not woven because of the Angle relation. The correct processing method is warp in vertical direction or adjacent son root in the warp, Garry, and then into the temple of intermittent warp as long as it is ok to pull or hanging from a tool to solve.
(2) The method of handling the weft yarn
Find the living head,then drive the car.

Production practice and quality control

1. It will be equipped with high end, with a filling capacity of 3500m/min, especially if it is heavy or heavy.
2. The machine tension is stable, the electronic delivery is adopted, the electronic volume is high in synchronization, and the delivery volume and volume are stable and effective to eliminate the defect of thin dense road, cloud weaving, cloth wave pattern, and jumping flower.
3. The weight of the loom sword is reduced, which is conducive to weaving and eliminating the friction of the upper and lower warp threads, thus reducing the warp and weft.
4.Independent ground, electronic dobby, electronic jacquard wide variety of application, renovate varieties is convenient, thus greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce the material consumption, reduce labor intensity.

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