Common failure in jet loom production 4

What are the causes of double wefts?

When two complete or incomplete wefts is formed and together, in a woven mouth, the tissue that breaks the plain weave fabric is called double weft, the twill weave is called a hundred feet, and the main reasons for the formation are as follows:
①If the opening is not clear, the weft will enter into the weft, and the yarn or other warp is slack and the weft will be suspended.
②The installation of the left scissors is not good, the cut time is not correct, the scissors blade is not sharp and the weft is continuous.
③In the case of a broken weft (or short weft) for various reasons, the weft insertion is misjudged;
④The second probe is sensitive to the low or ineffectual, the weft is broken, and the weft is not found, and the double weft is formed.
⑤The weavers are not well operated, and the weft insertion is not taken out completely.

What effect does the rear beam have on the front and rear position?

①The height of the rear beam is improved, which is conducive to the beating of the fabric and the formation of the fabric and the style of the fabric.
②Raise the height of the back beam, make the difference of the warp yarn between the upper and lower layers increase, and the fabric will be formed to facilitate the reply of the warp, which can reduce the reed mark or the reed road.
③The upper warp tension is small and easy to relax, resulting in poor opening and increasing filling.
④When the height of the rear beam is low, it is good for the clarity of the texture, but the fault is increased and the cloth is not good.
⑤In the front of the back beam, it is helpful to have a clear opening, but when opening the warp, the warp thread is too strong and prone to breakage, and the position of the back beam should be determined by the number of pages in the frame.

How to determine the height of the suspension?

Menopause frame height should be determined according to the height of back rest, general menopause the front of the plane ellipse and warp and tangent, the back of the oval tube from the warp 3 ~ 5 mm, menopause aircraft low, can improve the mouth bad, and the warp not cottony ball, but dropper beating violently, cause without stopping, menopause rod wear, need to improve the menopause rack position.

What are the reasons for the stopover?

①There are many kinds of weft-stopping types, the reasons for which are different, the methods of repair are different, and the reasons for the first search should be made according to the current situation of filling and stopping.

②To determine whether the weft insertion conditions set reasonable, standard, as far as possible choose more reasonable process routes of the weft insertion, in addition, the pipe falls off, a flat, the electromagnetic valve is bad, whether nozzle with curved, jams, etc., these basic work are in good condition, be sure to confirm.

What is the cause of the fault of the weft filling tip?

In the right side of the fabric, the weft end is messy, and the weft stop is caused by entanglement.

The Angle of release of the weft feeder pin is incorrect.

The installation position of main nozzle is poor, the injection Angle is incorrect, and the pressure is too high;

The injection Angle of the auxiliary nozzle is not sufficient, and the auxiliary nozzle has the friction mark hanging yarn.

The electromagnetic valve does not work;

The height of the frame is not proper.

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