GA737 rapier towel loom has been released to the market for a long time a received good feedback from customers. This loom machine is known for features like stable function, cost performance, easy maintenance, long endurance and excellent fabric quality. The success of GA737 towel loom has lifted us to the leading position among all the weaving machine suppliers.

Salient Features Of
GA738-I Towel Loom

Adoption of cam type terry pilling device to increase the softness of terry; the adjustment of terry height is very convenient.

The adoption of strengthened beat-up structure has increase the beating power, suitable for thick heavy terry fabrics.

Thicker weft beating shaft assures enough beating rigidity, making it possible to weave wide width terry towels above 280cm.

The optimized six-linkage weft insertion structure allows a softer and more rational weft insertion curve.

The two electromagnets controlled by process program on electronic system are able to weave both high and low terry.

The reed seat and other main parts made from aluminum alloy ensure a fast and stable performance of the loom.

GA738-I Towel Loom

Technical Specs Of
GA738-I Towel Loom


200cm(78”), 230cm(90”), 260cm(102”), 280cm(110”)

Operation speed

200cm 240rpm

Yarn count

cotton 7Ne~60Ne, wool 12Nm~100Nm, chemical fiber 100D~650D

Take up

roller diameter φ400mm


Upper: positive electric let-off withbeam diameter φ600mm; ground:intermittent  mechanical let-off, beam diameterφ600mm


inhead typespring reversing mechanical dobby 24 shafts

Color selector

6~8 colors

Terry pilling

Cam type movable reed terry pilling

Terry height

2~12 times stepless adjustment

Weft stop

Piezoelectric control

Warp stop

2 row electric warp stop



Electronic control




Overall size


Application Video Of
GA738-I Towel Loom

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