China Textile Machinery Association, Weaving Machinery Branch 2017 Annual Meeting in Xianyang

On July 11, China Textile Machinery Association Weaving Machinery branch will be held in Xianyang, Shanxi province. The conference was hosted by China Textile Machinery Association, and more than 80 representatives from over 60 weaving machines and equipment manufacturers in China attended the meeting.

The development of the weaving machinery industry was reported from the general overview of the weaving machine industry, the construction of industry technology innovation system and the basic operation of the market. In 2016, domestic weaving and preparation machinery continued to develop in the direction of high efficiency, energy saving, smart and modular application. The maximum speed of the whole machine has reached 1200 m/min, reaching the international advanced level. Domestic rapier loom, air jet loom continued to improve efficiency and product adaptability, at the same time to follow the market changes continuously meet the needs of segmentation, differentiated products, such as denim weaving loom width from 190 cm to 220 cm or 230 cm. Overall, the domestic water jet loom has yet to fully grasp core motor control technology, and the serious problem of homogeneity in the device's automation, reliability and adaptability of variety links with foreign equipment there is a certain gap. In 2016, 61 key enterprises in weaving machinery received 237 patents, including 40 invention patents, 179 utility models and 18 designs, which were significantly higher than 2015. At the beginning of September 2016, domestic demand of rapier, jet and water jet looms increased significantly. From January to March 2017, the market of China's high-speed rapier, water jet and jet loom continued in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the export recovery showed a trend of buying and selling.

The development of rapier loom, air jet loom and water jet loom in China, Bangladesh, India and other major purchasing countries was analyzed from 2006 to 2016. The total delivery volume of the global shuttleless loom in 2016 was 84, 733, with an increase of 3.89 percent from the previous month. Among them, the quantity of the rapier loom/chip loom was 30, 033, down 5.5% from the previous month. The delivery volume of air jet loom was 22908, up 15.39% from the previous month. The delivery volume of water jet looms was 31, 792 units, up 6.24% from the previous month. In terms of delivery volume, China is undoubtedly the largest market for the global unshuttled looms, with a total delivery volume of 44, 997 in 2016, accounting for 53.10 percent of the world's total deliveries. While deliveries of unshuttled looms in India and Bangladesh have declined in 2016, the global delivery volume of unshuttled looms has risen slightly in the face of rising demand from China. With the gradual adjustment of industrial policies and financial policies in major markets, the demand for the global shuttleless loom will also increase steadily in 2017.

The weaving machinery enterprises shall be responsible for more communication between the people, fully understand the market situation, and develop together; Small and medium-sized enterprises should make product positioning, differentiate products and solve customers' problems according to their actual situation; The industry should unify the thought, advocate the industry self-discipline, avoid low price competition; The association will take the lead and serve the industry self-discipline, promote the healthy development of the industry!

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