Sino Textile Machinery

Weaving Machinery

Weaving machines play the most important role in textile machinery as they are used to weave different kinds of natural, chemical and blended yarns into fabrics. Weaving looms can be divided into shuttle looms and shuttles looms, and shuttles looms are consist of rapier looms, air jet looms, water jet looms and projectile looms.

In the recent 20 year, weaving machinery in China has experienced a leaping development; the manufacturing ability in China nowadays is close to the level of European countries, and Sino Textile represents the highest level of Chinese weaving machines.

As an integrated supplier of weaving machines, we are now providing high speed rapier looms, low speed rapier looms, jacquard looms, terry towel looms, industrial fabric looms and air jet looms. These weaving looms have the features of Europeans looms, and also contain domestic design and technique. Diversified product range, reasonable price and first class quality have enabled us to provide specialized and right solutions for both domestic and overseas customers.

We are committed to become the leading supplier of weaving equipments and solutions in the world.

  • Benefiting from decades of R&D efforts, our electronic jacquard machine has stable performance and can replace similar imported products and its domestic competing machines. Customers are weaving ...

  • The most widely used shuttleless loom, has the characteristics of high speed, high automation degree, high efficiency, strong adaptability to suit various kinds of yarns, strong advantage in multi-color weaving, up to 16 colors.

  • A good replacement of shuttle looms, with an extensive adaptability and can also weave thick heavy fabric.

  • Our high speed jacquard loom can match 1344~12288 hooks electronic jacquard, able to weave different types and patterns, highly welcome in the market.

  • Competent for various terry towel weaving. This towel weaving machine has different let-off mechanism and beat-up structure.

  • The loom is designed based on rapier loom due to its strong beating power, suitable for weaving geotechnical cloth, filter cloth, canvas, electronic fabric, gridding cloth, car cloth, airplane cloth, glass-fiber mesh and etc.

  • We provide well-developed model with features stable weaving performance and less energy consumption.