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The difference between rapier loom and other looms

The difference between rapier loom and other looms

1. The insertion method is different: the air jet loom is compressed air, the rapier weaving machine is the arrow belt, the water jet loom is the water jet, and the shuttle loom is the one-way movement of the shuttle to impact the small shuttle.

2. Speed: jet rapier is slow, 190cm sley jet 600r/min, rapier 400r/min.

3. Cotton and silk hemp can be woven; The jet ADAPTS to high density and the rapier ADAPTS to thick fabric; For example, 60 * 40/173 * 120 satin 40 * 40/133 * 100 anti-feather cloth suitable for air injection, 16 * 12/108 * 587 * 7/68 * 38 is suitable for the rapier,

4.The requirements of the rapier loom are low for the yarn, the requirement of the wool feather, the cotton knot, and the size of the yarn is not high, but the jet loom requires the yarn to be smooth, the wool feather is less, and the force is higher. Water jet loom because of water, most adapt to hydrophobic fabric, the shuttle loom to the material requirement, the manufacture precision is high, make the special width product very good.

5. Color selection: the rapier loom can reach 16 colors, the shuttle loom can reach up to 6 colors, the water jet loom is up to 4 colors, and the jet loom is up to 8 colors.

As a new type of loom, rapier loom, with its high speed shuttleless loom, high degree of automation, the characteristics of highly efficient production, its positive varieties of weft insertion mode have very strong adaptability, can adapt to all kinds of yarn weft insertion, widely used in yarn dyed, cloth, silk, wool, linen, etc, combined with the rapier loom in multicolor weft weaving aspect also has the obvious advantage, can produce up to 16 color weft yarn dyed product, is the most common ZhiZhi medium and small batch model design and color of fabric, already developed now become widely used, the number of a kind of shuttleless loom.