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The Brief Introduction of Shuttleless Loom

Shuttleless loom is a new type weaving machine after shuttle loom. Shuttlelss loom distinguishes by right of its light weigh、small vibration、low noise、fast speed and high efficiency, , which occupies the market quickly. Weaving machines are varied. According to the fiber, there are cotton textile machine, wool spinning machine, gunny bag loom, silk loom. If it is classified as weaving methods of weft insertion, there are shuttle loom and shuttleless loom.
Shuttle loom takes the traditional shuttle( wooden shuttle or plastic shuttle) to weave of weft insertion. The bulk of shuttle is large and heavy weight, which will be cast back and forth repeatedly. The machine vibrates seriously,has big noise, and goes slowly and has low efficiency.
There are many kinds of shuttlelss looms of weft insertions, like rapier, jet (jet, water jet), projectile, multi spindle (multi phase) and weaving.

Rapier weaving loom
1. Rapier weaving loom: A rigid or flexible rapier head is used to clamp and guide weft threads. In addition to being suitable for weaving plain and textured fabrics, rapier looms are easy to change color and suitable for multi-color weft fabrics. They are suitable for the production of yarn dyed fabrics, double pile fabrics, terry fabrics and decorative fabrics
Jet weaving loom
2. Jet loom: The weft is drawn through the ejected compressed air, and the weft is carried over the shed. Air-jet looms are characterized by high speed and high labor productivity. They are suitable for the production of plain and printed fabrics, fine, extra high density fabrics and large quantities of fabrics.
Water jet weaving loom: to take advantage of water as the medium of weft insertion, and to be based on the water jet to produce the tractive effort by rubbing against weft to make the weft which is fixed on the bobbin to enter the entrance of weft. Water jet weaving loom has the characteristics of high speed and specific yield, which is applicable to the production of hydrophobic filament chemical fiber fabric that has smooth surface.

Projectile weaving loom
4. projectile weaving loom: A small sheet yarn with belt clip goes onto the shuttle with weft. Weft fabric has excellent quality, stable projectile loom and weft less waste, which is suitable for multi-color weft fabric, fine texture, thick fabric and wide fabric production