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Chinese Loom Spare Parts

We provide a wide series Chinese weaving machine spare parts for high speed rapier looms manufacturers like Kingtex, Wanli, Rifa, Youjia and etc; we also provide a complete range of China low speed rapier loom accessories for models like GA747, GA736, GA788 and etc. The spare parts provided by us are more competitive in price compared with other textile machinery parts manufacturers. The adoption of first-class raw material, advanced facility, strict quality control has extensively enhanced the working life of our end products.

We offer spare parts for models like KT566, KT588B, KT599, FLYING, TT-96, WL450, GA731, RFRL20, GA747, GA736, GA788 and etc, including crossbeam guiding parts, electronic let-off spare parts, tension parts, clutch parts, spindle drive parts, weft selecting parts, weft cutter parts, electronic spare parts, sley parts, take-up parts, weft finding device parts, warp stopping device parts, selvage cutter parts, selvage creel parts, jacquard supporting parts, lubrication parts, temple, filter, servo driver, servo motor,power switch, tension sensor, weft sensor, encoder coupling, color selector control panel, electronic selvage control panel, weft feeder sensor and etc.
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