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Jute & Sisal Weaving

Jute & Sisal Weaving
Sisal is the most consumed hard fiber and has been used worldwide, can be applied in fishery, mining industry, transporation, furniture and etc. Due its tenacity, elasticity and hardness characteristics, the weaving of sisal has to be done by rapier. Our jute and sisal weaving machines are equipped with rapiers specially designed for very thick and rugged raw wefts, suitable for polypropylene, sisal, jute, wool and etc. The jute and sisal weaving loom is developed and improved based on traditional China rapier model, thus is strongly built, easy to operate, stable in performance and need less maintenance.


Our sisal rapier weaving loom is an improved on the base of GA788 rapier loom, it is easy to operate and economic in maintenance.
This loom is able to weave crude fibre(cotton,wool,hemo,jute), chemical fibre and blending yarn etc.
Compared with traditional shuttle loom sisal weaving, our rapier model has more efficiency.
The loom is equipped with special weft accumulator for thick yarn.

Except for jute and sisal weaving loom, Sinotextile can also provide weaving machines suitable for PC/PU fiber ribbons, carpets, luggage cover, outdoor mat, velvet, mesh fabric, bamboo fabric and etc. We strive to offer solution for diversified special needs from customer.


Reed Width 180cm(74"), 200cm(78"), 230cm(90"), 250cm(98"), 280cm(110"), 330cm(130")
Rotation speed(R.P.M) 150-210
Weft selection 1-4 colors
Yarn count jute yarn 7-60Ne, chemical fabric 100-650D
Dia.of warp beam(mm) 600mm, 800mm
Dia.of rolling-up(mm) 400mm
Number of heddle frame 8-12 pcs
Insertion rate(m/min) 300-400
Electrical control P.L.C
Motor power(KW) 1.5KW~1.8KW
Weight(kg) 1700-2200
Overall size(mm) 5400x1827x2120(8250px/130")


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