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Rapier Tape

Rapier tape is used cooperatively with rapier drive wheel and gripper head to finish weft insertion process on the rapier loom. The rapier tape driven by rapier wheel will run in pre-selected orbit, take the gripper head to the shed, hence realizing weft connection. The working condition asks for high requirement of the rapier tape structure and material.

We are one of the leading suppliers of rapier loom tape with more than 10 years specialization. We provide a wide range of rigid rapier tape, flexible rapier tape and carbon fiber rapier tape. Our products have the features of excellent elastic recovery, wear-resistance, rigidity to suit the harsh working condition and prolong the working life of rapier tapes. These tapes are considered to be one of the best. And we perform full inspection before being dispatched to customers. We provide complete guarantee and after-sales service to our customers.

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