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Wire Mesh Weaving

Wire Mesh Weaving
Metal wire mesh has a wide application in R&D, production and living. The general structure of woven wire mesh are plain and twill. This machine is designed for weaving all types of wire mesh. The wire mesh weaving machine is solidly built in order to generate a strong beating power, thus ensure a good quality of the final product.


Machine body: consists of two main wall boards and several pairs of middle wall boards.
Main drive: main motor together with pneumatic clutch drive whole machine.
Shedding mechanism: adopting tappet cam sheding device, with 4 pieces of heald frames.
Weft insertion mechanism: rapier weft insertion driven by servo motor.
Beat-up mechanism: crankshaft six-linkage twice weft beating.
Take-up mechanism: mechanical take-up.
Let-off mechanism: mechanical let-off.
Controlling system: PLC computer control system, with functions of parameters setting and automatic faults display.

Except for wire mesh weaving loom, Sinotextile is also able to provide weaving machines for special purpose, such as geotechnical cloth weaving, paper-making backing screen, wider-width carpet weaving, heavy type filter duck weaving, double layer fabric weaving, triple layer fabric weaving, puncture-proof fabric weaving, brake ribbon weaving, powder conveyor belt weaving and etc. We welcome friends from all over the world to share your ideas and needs.


Reed Width 300cm~500cm
Speed 30rpm
Range of Weft and Warp Different types of metal wire made of stainless steel, copper and etc.
Power 7.5Kw
Weight 20T
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