Sino Textile Machinery

Dobby Spare Parts

As one of the most renowned textile machinery spare parts suppliers in the China, we offer to our customer superior quality of dobby spare parts. The well designed dobby spares offered by us are fabricated using first-class raw materials and therefore they have a long working endurance. Furthermore, our textile machine spare parts have excellent abrasive-resistance and corrosive resistance, adding the value and performance of our products. Our provided Staubli dobby spares fits in perfectly in the original machines; and our dobby spare parts are supplied to Chinese dobby manufacturers as the original parts.

We product wide range of Staubli spare parts including—

Electromagnet bar, color selector, dobby sensor, oil switch sensor, stop cam, stop lever, eccentric disc, eccentric shaft, transmission shaft, housing, bearing, spring plate, oil pump, spiral gear, tension spring, pattern card and etc.

We provide dobby spare parts for various spare parts for Chinese dobby manufacturers like Changshu, Jinlong, Niupai and etc. We have various spare parts suitable for both electronic dobby and mechanical dobby.

Furthermore, we also provide customers with all kinds of open type, close type, electronic and mechanical dobby used on China rapier looms. Our dobby models include GT221, GT228, GT2000, GT2003, GT2008.

Sino Textile Machinery is the most professional textile spares manufacturer devoted to textile dobby research, dobby spare parts production and supply for dozens of years. We can provide solutions to customers from all over the world. We are your first choice of textile machine spare parts.