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Automatic Drawing-in Machine

Automatic Drawing-in Machine
Due to the recent development trend of small batch, diversified species, high difficulty and short delivery time, manual drawing-in already cannot satisfy the modern textile enterprises. Automatic drawing-in machine has been introduced into weaving industry to meet the drawing-in quality and fast delivery. The application of automatic drawing machine is suitable for diversified production demand in the textile market and stay ahead in market competition.

Our manufactured automatic drawing-in machine has a maximum drawing speed up to 140picks per minutes, the machine can thread warp yarn through drop wire, heddle wire and reed at one time. The drawing-in machine is suitable for cotton, linen, chemical fiber, color yarn and etc.  The stable performance, easy operation and reasonable cost make it a better choice than other manufacturers.

We also supply drawing-in machine spare parts for both domestic models and overseas machines with supreme quality, high precision and long service life.


Our automatic drawing-in machine is equipped with electronic double detection device, that can automatically stop the machine once double warp yarns are detected. The use of drawing-in machine will effectively improve fabric quality, reduce drawing-in error and inrease weaving efficiency.
The machine are manufactured in a modular design. Each machine is designed as per specific need of customer, more configuration can be added in future if needed.
In one single process the drawin-in mechanism will thread through the drop wire, heddle wire and reed. The machine is applicable to almost all types drop wire, heddle wire and reed, including flat and profile reed.

Automatic Drawing-in Machine Spare Parts

  • Drop Wire Separator

    Drop Wire Separator

  • Heald Wire Separating Wing

    Heald Wire Separating Wing

  • Assembly for Hanging on Heald Wire

    Assembly for Hanging on Heald Wire

  • Rapier Tape Hook

    Rapier Tape Hook

  • Heald Wire Separator

    Heald Wire Separator

  • Connector



Standard Configuration Maximum beam width 230cm/400cm
Creel trolley with lifting device Yes
A warp yarn layer leasing Yes
Heddle wire module with two guide rail Yes
Maximum number of heald frame (J/C type heddle) 20
Maximum number of heald frame (O type heddle) 16
Reed module Yes
Number of warp stop bar in warp stop module 6 or 8
Double yarn detection Yes
Drawing-in Maximum speed 140picks/min
Applicable Yarn Cotton yarn and blended yarn(carded and combed yarn) Yes
Wool (carded and combed yarn) Yes
Silk, single filament and multiple filaments Yes
Flat wire up to 4.5 mm wide, slub yarn and boucle Yes
Special yarn Yes
Count 20-100
Beam The maximum nominal width 230cm/400cm
Maximum beam diameter 120cm
One warp yarn layer with lease Yes
Heddle Length of the heddle wire 260-382mm
Thickness of the heddle wire 0.25-0.38mm
Healdloop J/C/O
Heald eye Minimum 1.28x5.5mm
Reed Reed width 230cm/400cm
Reed density (standard) 20-350 teeth/decimetre
Reed density (fine) 351-500 teeth/decimetre
Dent height 40-100mm
Reed height 80-150mm
Dent depth Diameter16mm
Reed type The flat, profile reed or double reed
Drop Wire Width of drop wire 7-11mm
Length of drop wire 125-180mm
Thickness of drop wire 0.2-0.65mm
One channel for drop wire storage Yes
The Control Module System Windws operating system
Display Touch screen
Language Chinese/English
Power consumption 3KW
Electrical protection Overload, short circuit protection
Voltage 380W
Air Supply Input air pressure 7-10bar
Deviation in air pressure <±0.5bar
Minimum air supply Total air supply 1350 Nl/min
Pressure dew point ﹣17℃
Oil content Basic no oil content
Impurity particles Particle size <5um
Indoor Conditions Dust Without abrasive dust and similar materials like glass
Humidity 30-95% relative humidity, no condensation
Temperature Less than 15 ℃ temperature deviation in 10 hours
Space Requirements Ground material Cast concrete 
Flatness Nonparallelism ±15, or total difference 30 mm
Height 260mm
Layout space: if equipped with one creel machine/if equipped with two creel machine 70㎡/100㎡
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