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Geotextile Fabric Weaving

Geotextile Fabric Weaving


Our SINO608TX water jet loom is suitable for weaving various types of geotextile fabrics, including lawn base fabric, geotechnical cloth, anti-grass fabric and etc. We can suply wider width geotextile fabric weaving loom up to 480cm in order to meet special needs from customer.

Geotextile Fabric Weaving

Anti-grass Fabric is a type of black plastic mulch to reduce and prevent grass growing, also named as weed barrier fabric, unterbodengewebe, anti grass cloth. Except for geotextile fabric weaving loom, Sinotextile can also provide water jet loom suitable for plastic tarpaulin, velvet and etc. We welcome customers to contact us with your special requirements.


Reed width 190~480cm
Speed 300~400rpm
Weft insertion 1 nozzle, 1 pump
Plunger type positive cam system
Ring nozzle stabilizer system
Measuring and weft storage Electronic weft feeder
Weft density change Electronic weft change
Motor power 3.7KW ~ 4.5KW
Auxiliary power 0.7KW ~ 1.5KW
Shedding Underneath crank shedding
Let-off Electronic let-off
Take-up Electronic take-up motion
Weft insertion Mechanical or electronic weft feeder
Selvage Leno selvage or tuck in device
Fabric yarn range Fabric weight: 25~180gsm
Maximum weft yarn width: 6.5mm; minimum weft yarn thickness: 0.015mm
Weaving density: 6~16picks/inch


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