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Fiberglass Weaving

Fiberglass Weaving
Our fiberglass weaving machine is based on advanced air jet weaving technology, able to weave a variety of fiberglass fabrics with high efficiency, low energy consumption, high intelligence and wide species adaptability. It is the first choice in fiberglass weaving industry. Except for the common variety 7628, our fiberglass weaving loom is also suitable for higher grade varieties like 2116, 1080 and etc.


Latest electronic control system specially designed for fiberglass.
Stable and powerful four-bar beat-up mechanism specially for fiberglass.
The take-up mechanism will thoroughly elinimate weft move, to maintain a good fabric style and surface.
Highly efficient weft insertion system for fiberglass. Adopts special weft feeder, main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle to meet fiberglass weaving, and in the meantime lower the abrasion of weft insertion system to extend the life endurance.
Adopts negative let-off mechanism suitable for fiberglass weaving.
Highly efficient suction device will take away small fibers and flyings, to generate a good environment for workers.
Advanced cloth rolling structure, on-loom batch motion rolling system will reduce space occupation, maximum rolling diameter reaching 800mm.
Specially designed temple cylinder and selvedge device. Due to the high hardness of fiberglass fabric, sepcial selvedge cutter is used for  smooth cutting.


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