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Window Screen Weaving

Window Screen Weaving


A window screen, also known as insect screen, bug screen or fly screen, is designed to cover the opening of a window. It is usually a mesh made of plastic wire, or other pieces of plastic and stretched in a frame of wood or metal. Our SINO609 window screen weaving machine is able to weave plain, leno, three strands, five strands structures. The machine is specially designed for window screen fabric weaving with the features of easy operation, low cost maintenance and high cost performance.

Except for window screen weaving loom, Sinotextile can also provide water jet loom suitable for plastic tarpaulin, velvet and etc. We welcome customers to contact us with your special requirements.


Reed width 190~360cm
Speed 300~450rpm
Application Polypropylene, polyethylene plastics and glass fiber
Weft density Maximum 16 picks per inch
Thread Plastics 20D~1600D; galss fiber 8~100 counts
Fabric Interweave and plain weave
Shedding Shaft shedding
Beat-up Crank
Let-off Mechanical
Pump Cam cylinder, single pump and nozzle, single pump two nozzle; and two pump two nozzle
Weft insertion Mechanical or electronic weft feeder
Weft feeler Optical feeler
Selvedge Leno selvedge
Fabric take-up On-loom take up or off-loom batch motion
Main motor 1.5KW and 2.2KW
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