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Medical Gauze Weaving

Medical Gauze Weaving
In order to overcome the shortage of low efficiency, complex procedure, high maintenance cost and amount of labor in shuttle loom weaving, we have developed the medical gauze air jet weaving machine. The model is suitable for 21~40S absorbent gauze. The adoption of cube type rack and crossbeam contribute to a highly rigid structure which can lower down vibration and increase stability. Besides, our medical gauze weaving loom has high degree of automation, with the functions of displaying weaving efficiency, production of each shift, as well as setting automatic stop at certain length.


Our medical gauze weaving loom is equipped with advanced pneumatic selvedge device, will create clean selvedge and improve the fabric quality.
The machine adopts single nozzle and single weft feeder, so as to increase weaving efficiency and save weft yarn.
All main transmission parts are bathed in grease, so as to reduce maintenace cost.
Independent air supply from conjoined twin cylinder air pump is more energy-saving compared to central gas supply.


Reed Width Nominal width: 135cm, 150cm, 190cm
Weft Feeding Single nozzle, electronic weft feeder
Power 1.1kw~1.5kw
Weft Insertion Single steel tube nozzle, pipe-shape reed
Shedding Crank shedding with two pieces heddle frame
Let-off Passive or mechanical
Take-up On loom take-up, or off loom batch motion
Beat-up Four-bar linkage flexible beat-up
Selvage Clean or rough selvage
Running Speed 400~500rpm
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