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Fiberglass Weaving

Fiberglass Weaving
Fiberglass mesh has a wide application in construction, with the features of high strength and light weight. Fiberglass mesh is woven by a special way called leno. To satisfy the fiberglass loom requirement, we design the HD968 leno fiberglass rapier weaving machine. The product made from our fiberglass weaving loom has higher quality and lower price. The width range is from 2300cm to 5400cm. Our loom adopts flexible rapier unilateral weft insertion, so as to keep uniform tension, less weft abrasion, stable performance and low noise. The machine is suitable for leno twisting mesh fabric as well as plain fabric. Due to the relatively low investment cost and good manufacturing ability, our glass fiber weaving loom has been widely used in many domestic and overseas clients.


Our fiberglass weaving machine adopts non-polar transmission, which keeps warp yarns proceeding at a constant tension and linear speed during weaving process. The transmission gearbox will adjust automatically to suit tension and linear speed. Due to this system, fabric surface flatness and uniformity of weft density are greatly improved. The system has simple structure, stable performance and is easy to operate.

Except for fiberglass weaving loom, Sinotextile can also provide weaving machines suitable for PC/PU fiber ribbons, carpets, luggage cover, outdoor mat, velvet, mesh fabric, bamboo fabric and etc. We strive to offer solution for diversified special needs from customer.


Reed Width 255cm, 330cm, 360cm, 540cm
Rotation speed(R.P.M) 170rpm(255cm), 150rpm(330cm), 150rpm(360cm),100rom(540cm)
Weft selection maximum 4 colors
Weft density 12-40 picks/cm
Dia.of warp beam(mm) 600mm, or 800mm
Dia.of rolling-up(mm) maximum 550mm
Motor power(KW) 1.5KW, 720rpm
Overall size(mm) 4850x1827x2120(255cm), 5600x1827x2120(330cm), 5900x1827x2120(360cm), 7700x1827x2120(540cm)


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