Sino Textile Machinery

Industrial Fabric Loom

Industrial fabric loom is a special kind of textile loom used for weaving industrial cloth. The shedding, weft insertion mechanism, take-up, let-off, selvage mechanism are specially designed to meet the weaving needs.

We provide textile solutions for weaving different industrial fabrics, such as glass fiber, spray painting poster cloth, flat filament and etc. Our industrial fabric loom machine is widely applied in the industries like civil engineering, hydraulic construction, advertising and etc.

We have a wide range of industrial weaving machine for sale with width ranging from 190cm to 360cm. We assure our customer with best quality looms and most competitive price.

  • LG798-I Jute Loom

    Industrial weaving machine can be used to weave geotechnical cloth, filter cloth, canvas, electronic fabric, gridding cloth, car cloth, airplane cloth, glass-fiber mesh and etc. Our company is offerin...