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Leno Selvage Device

We are supplying electronic leno selvage device and leno healds to be installed on various weaving looms.

Our electronic selvage device can be applied to OE weaving loom manufacturing, and can also be used to update old weaving looms. Due to the excellent seaming effect of the selvage device, fabric quality can be increased greatly.

Electronic selvage device uses step motor driving system as its core moving part, driving the frame up and down to reach a firm seaming.

Following are the advantages

1. Thanks to the professional step motor driving system and intelligent operation curve control algorithm, our electronic selvage device can be applied to any weaving loom with speed under 600rpm. It has an extensive application and stable function.

2. The simple structure makes it quite easy to install, no need for support from any electrical equipment controlled by loom computer.

3. The On-off input is 24V, making it possible for different weaving looms choose the suitable sensor.

4. Fast and firm seaming. The closing angle can be adjusted according to different loom model and fabric. It guarantees a reliable seaming on any rapier loom models, and can effectively avoid the retraction of weft yarn.

5. Unilateral, bilateral and trilateral selvage device are all available.

Our electronic leno selvage device has been originally applied on Wanli, Kingtex, Youjia, Suzhou Textile Machinery and other Chinese rapier loom manufacturers!

Complete series of leno healds and leno heddles can also be offered in competitive price.

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