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Temple Cylinder

Ring temples are used to give horizontal tension to the weaving fabric so that the weaving fabric will not shrink. It is an important spare part on the weaving loom to ensure stabilized weaving shed and guarantee fabric quality.

We supply ring temple/temple cylinders for all brand weaving looms PICANOL, SULZER, DORNIER, SOMET, VAMATEX, TSUDAKOMA, SMIT, KINGTEX, WANLI, RIFA and etc. They are suitable for all types of fabrics from fine, medium, coarse to Industrial fabric, terry towels etc. Customized temples are also available to meet specific customer requirements.

As a professional ring temple manufacturer and supplier, we are equipped with well-established manufacturing unit and specialized infrastructure. Our offered temple cylinders become the best-selling accessory of all kinds of weaving looms with the features of dimensional accuracy and excellent performance.

We offer complete temple cylinders used for rapier weaving, air jet weaving, projectile weaving, silk weaving. Furthermore, we also have various types and specifications of brass temple rings at customer’s choice.


  • Maintenance free design
  • Easy installation
  • High strength
  • Smooth surface finish

Temple Cylinders for Rapier Weaving

Fast 26Pcs

GA741 14-24Pcs

GTM 20Pcs

GTM-A  8Pcs

PAT-NU-280 29Pcs

Picanol  32Pcs

Picanol 26Pcs

Picanol 35Pcs

Picanol 37Pcs

SM92 22Pcs

SM93 22Pcs

Thema11  21Pcs

Thema11-E  25Pcs

Thema11-E 27Pcs

TP500A 30Pcs

Vamatex 21Pcs

Temple Cylinders for Projectile Weaving

P7100 25Pcs

P7100(with screw thread) 25Pcs

Projectile Temple Cylinder 11Pcs

Sieve Projectile Temple Cylinder6Pcs

Temple Cylinders for Air Jet Weaving

GTM Polyurethane Temple Cylinder 20Pcs

JAT500 24Pcs

JAT600 30Pcs

Picanol 30Pcs

Picanol 37Pcs

Picanol Polyurethane Temple Cylinder 35Pcs

Tsudakoma 30Pcs

Tsudakoma 34Pcs

Tsudakoma 48Pcs

Tsudakoma inhead type 30Pcs

Temple Cylinders for Silk Weaving

C401 2Pcs

Fast 3Pcs

GA741 4Pcs

GTM 2Pcs

JAT600 5Pcs

SM92 4Pcs

Tsudakoma 2Pcs

Brass Temple Rings

black Polyurethane Ring
Black Ring Ping Length 1.25mm
Blue Ring Ping Length 0.75mm
Brown Polyurethane Ring

Brown Ring Ping Length 1.00mm
Green Ring Ping Length 1.5mm
Orange Polyurethane Ring
Red Polyurethane Ring

Red Ring Ping Length 0.5mm
Red Ring Ping Length 0.5mm

X Temple Cylinder
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