Achievements made in the textile machinery industry

With the continuous and rapid development of China's textile machinery industry, the recognition of Chinese textile machinery products has greatly improved in the global textile industry, and the international status of China's textile machinery industry also has been continuously improved. At present, China's textile machinery industry has formed an industry system of complete category and supporting set, large scale, advanced manufacture level, which can basically meet the domestic demand and has the ability of considerable international competition. Since 2000, the textile machinery industry has entered a period of rapid development, during which the whole industry has achieved remarkable achievements in terms of industry scale, product sales, industrial structure, technology and equipment level, product competitiveness and export lamps.

The rapid development of industry

Since 2000, the development of textile machinery in our country has entered a new era of rapid growth. In 1999, the number of enterprises in the textile machinery industry was 412, and by 2008 it had grown to 978, increasing by 137% in nine years. Having been restructured and reformed of shareholding system, state-owned enterprises won the reasonable structure and excellent assets. Private enterprises, foreign businesses and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises has become an important part of the textile machinery industry with the rapid development.

In 1999, the total assets of the enterprises over scale in textile machinery industry were 25.4 billion yuan, and in 2008 it had grown to 52 billion yuan, increased by 104.72%. During this period, the total assets of enterprises over scale in the whole industry have doubled.

According to product sales from 1999 to 2008, in 1999, the sales revenue of enterprises in the textile machinery industry was 12.1 billion yuan. While in 2008, it reached 51.2 billion yuan, which is quadrupled in nine years.

The high export rate of products

The industrial output value of textile machinery has been rising steadily since 1999, which is the gold period in the history of textile machinery industry. What’s more, the export of products has increased rapidly during that period of time. In 1999, the value of export of enterprises above the scale was 1.79 billion yuan. By 2008, the value of that has increased to 5.65 billion yuan, by 2.15 times. In particular, the export of products from enterprises with foreign investment and investment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan was growing rapidly.

The reasonable industrial structure

Years after 1999 is the most active historical period for the restructuring and reforming of China's textile machinery industry, for the investment of foreign investors and that of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and for the reform of the enterprise stock system. It is also an important historical stage in the transformation of textile machinery industry. During this period, state-owned enterprises strengthen the corporate governance environment by optimizing the asset structure.

The improvement of technology

Since the rapid development of textile machinery, enterprises have stepped up their strength of technological transformation and industrial upgrading. The textile machinery products are complete. The products range from the whole machine to the distribution kit, from hardware to software are altogether 14 categories, about 1300 varieties. Through technology introduction, digestion and absorption in recent years, the textile machinery products have achieved remarkable results in aspects of high speed, high performance, high quality, and continuous, automation, information and so on, with its technical level improved significantly. At the same time, the textile machinery industry has done a lot of pioneering work in the development of international market, and has become a new growth space in China's textile machinery industry. What’s more, during this period, both the technology and the equipment manufacturing level of textile machinery industry have been greatly improved.

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