The Difference between Rapier Loom Machine and other Looms:

1. Different weft insertion methods: Air-jet loom is compressed air, rapier loom machine uses arrow and arrow belt, water-jet loom is water-jet, shuttle loom is one-way motion weft insertion by hitting small shuttle with shuttle stick.

2. Speed: Jet fast, rapier slow.

3. Cotton, wool, silk and linen can be woven; air-jet adapts to high count and density, rapier adapts to thick fabrics.

4. Rapier loom machine has low requirements for yarn, and low requirements for hairiness, neps and sizing. But air-jet loom requires yarn with smooth surface, less hairiness and high strength. Water-jet looms are mostly suitable for hydrophobic fabrics because of water use. Shuttle looms have high manufacturing accuracy and are good for extra-wide products.

5. Color selection: rapier loom can reach 16 colors, shuttle loom can reach 6 colors, water jet loom can reach 4 colors and air jet loom can reach 8 colors.

As a new type of loom, rapier loom machine has the characteristics of high speed, high automation and high efficiency. Its active weft insertion method has strong variety adaptability and can adapt to various kinds of yarn weft insertion. It is widely used in dyed weaving, towel quilt, silk weaving, wool weaving, linen weaving and other industries. In addition, rapier loom has obvious advantages in multi-color weft weaving. It can produce up to 16-color weft yarn dyed products. It is the most commonly used machine for weaving medium and small batches of colored fabrics. Now it has developed into a shuttleless loom with a wide range of uses and a large number.

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