The production practice of weaving multi-weft satin with jet loom

 In recent years, more than double weft and warp fabric market demand more and more big, varieties of class requirements also more and more high, in order to adapt to the market, we developed on OMNI - 340 air-jet loom series double weft insertion and weft more fine density wide vestee, good results have been achieved. This article discusses the production of the more difficult CJ7.3/4.8 905 / (346X4) 305 satin drill.

Fabric specification and the original yarn quality

The fabric ground is organized into five triple fly warp satin lines, and the sides are made up to four changes and a four changes. The total number of roots is 13, 710X2, and the number of edge yarn is 90X2. The fabric has been tightened 90.5%, the weft is 56.4%, and the total compactness is 95.9%.
CJ7.3 Tex yarn and CJ4.8 Tex yarn quality indicators: powerful 153.6 cN, 88.9 cN, single CV are 10.9% and 10.9% respectively, evenness CV are 14.9% and 14.9% respectively, the details of 37 / km, respectively 123 / km, slub is respectively 84 / km, 185 km, nep is respectively 98 / km, 213 km, hairiness index of 2.55, 2.17, respectively.

Technical measures for each process

1 Warping process

The whole process is based on the principle of "medium speed, small tension, low elongation, and elasticity", and the tension is divided into two sections, "2, 1", and the speed is 500m/min, with a total of 0.8 root ~ 1.0 root. Make the equipment machine before production, check the tension ring, the broken yarn from the stop hook, the guide yarn porcelain tooth, etc., ensure the good condition and the breaking of the head brake; The head is not crooked; Keep the machine clean while driving.

2 Sizing process

The slurry coverage coefficient of S432 double slurry tank is still up to 72%, and the sizing is difficult. Therefore, the slurry is the principle of "wear-resisting and pasted feather, penetration and overburden, high and low viscosity, medium pressure and small elongation".
The following works should be paid attention to in the production: strictly follow the process formula, make the slurry in order, and wash the slurry tube before slurry; Ensure the viscosity of the slurry tank is stable, and the viscosity of 1h test is 1 time. Adjust the pressure force according to the sizing and viscosity. Reasonable design of yarn tension on all parts of the machine to reduce yarn elongation; Good condition of equipment; The cleaning of key parts such as slurry, sizing roller and press roller should be done before the machine, so as to prevent the thread, pulp and oil from being brought to the yarn. The slurry tank temperature is constant and the slurry fluidity is good to reduce the pulp; The row of yarn should be uniform, and the sides of the weaving shaft are slightly thinner to prevent the yarn slack from weaving. Check the head of the knitting shaft, the crooked head is not allowed to get into the car; During the driving process, the car is on the road to prevent the broken edges and the yarn. In the process of the slurry drive, try to avoid the pressure caused by the shaft; The weaving shaft prevents touching oil and breaking yarn during handling.

3 Reeding processes

Employing 221.5/10 cm reed, to organize into 4 per reed, because of the variety end spacing is large, in order to reduce the warp yarn friction, dropper tees with 123451234612356124561345623456. In the sley process, the following points should be made: strengthen the equipment maintenance, check the reed before the reed, and stop the film, and eliminate the defective equipment. Straighten the yarn before the sley and prevent the head; Wear the reed, wear the heald, wear off the classics should be careful, prevent wear wrong.

4 yarn process

The FA706 type and the yarn folding device can effectively prevent yarn overlap. Because the yarn is very thin, do not add tension ring, avoid yarn accidental elongation. The yarn, which is produced by the yarn machine, has uniform tension between the four yarn and the single blow on the air jet loom can guarantee the weaving needs.

5 Weaving process

According to the production of double weft satin drill experience, the use of "open early, early in the weft insertion, tension and high back rest, atmospheric pressure" of the weaving process, reduced the cloth winding, facilitate matter weft, also facilitate the smooth weft insertion.

Sizing production of the products is the key, must hold good sizing agent, pulp, sizing process and operate the several key links, to ensure the quality of the weaver, lay good foundation for the smooth weaving. Due to the varieties of a spray into four wefts, production difficulty is big, we from the technology, equipment, and so on various aspects continuously improve operation, careful shunting, prompting loom efficiency and qualified rate is gradually increased, spot rate is declining, for after 6, 8 weft weft products production has accumulated experience.

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