Application Status of Air Jet Weaving Machine and Rapier Loom Machine

New looms are favored by textile enterprises all over the world because of their high speed, wide width, high quality, strong variety adaptability and low noise. In the early 1990s, new looms accounted for more than 20% of the total number of looms in the world's major textile producing countries, among which the major textile countries in Western Europe, such as Italy and France, accounted for more than 80%. In 1998, shuttleless looms accounted for 8% of the total number of weaving machines in China, while in the world they generally accounted for more than 20% and in developed countries they accounted for 40% - 70%. To this end, the five key technological reforms identified by China's textile industry clearly pointed out that in weaving technology, we should develop new weaving technology and electronic jacquard technology, and actively adopt new looms. We will vigorously increase the proportion of shuttleless looms to more than 200,000 by 2005, and increase the proportion of shuttleless looms to 25%.

At present, the outstanding advantage of air-jet weaving machine is not speed, but variety adaptability, man-machine dialogue, set variety parameters more convenient. Compared with foreign advanced shuttleless looms, China's top-grade looms still lag far behind in technology level, variety adaptability, operation efficiency, stability and reliability. Statistics from the Chinese Customs show that only 10% of domestic textile equipment can meet international technical standards, 40% can produce domestic products, and the remaining 50% are outdated. In addition, influenced by policy and human factors, besides private enterprises, state-owned enterprises have little momentum in choosing domestic equipment and have great potential demand for advanced imported textile machinery. Therefore, domestic textile machinery needs to further improve the technical content and expand the market of high-end products.

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