Jacquard loom and color matching software

Many people think that the texture CAD View60 is a piece of software

There is nothing wrong with saying that

But strictly speaking

View60 is a big model

There are many more

Consider the convenience of customers

It can be turned into different software

You can also combine them tog

For example

There are versions of View60 software

Fabric CAD View60

Carpet CAD View60

Dobby CAD View60

Circular machine CAD View60

That is, if a process is less

There was only one worker

But the arms, the big jacquard are all buying

Then they can buy it

Weave CAD View60 + multi-arm design module

On the contrary

The factory is bigger

Dobby and jacquard are two different technologies.

Thenit could be two software,respectively,

Fabric CAD View60

Dobby CAD View60

So there are a lot of combinations

The following are specific colors

For the

This color is also a module in the weave CAD View60

In other words,

Standard weave CAD View60 does not have this feature

If you want to include color matching

It should be

Weave CAD View60 + simulation/color matching module

What does the color scheme look like?

Popular said

It is to simulate the cloth sample effect of the laminates

And then you go to the simulation diagram to change colors automatically

So let's talk about the pre-match preparation

First read the plywood or artisan organization chart or 60 artisan JYJ

Set the warp and weft first

Otherwise, the simulated length is not allowed

If your craft is heavy and refilling

The number of groups below the density also needs to be set up.

Set the yarn mode and parameters

That's easy

It is said that the raw material and the thickness of each yarn

Color parameter setting

And this is basically the point here

We need to color the color of the color library

Which colors are not allowed to match colors

Which means that the colors are fixed

Here's another example

This picture has four weft and one warp

The warp threads are fixed in white, so we're locking that color, not allowing it to change

The weft white is also locked

The other three weft only allow the TPX series of pantone color to match colors

(actually, this color library is relatively useful

For example, there are only 20 yarn colors in the factory

We can make one of these 20 colored yarns by ourselves

Only this color card is specified when matching color

Are the yarns that are made out of the factory's ready-made yarn? )

Set parameters

It's time to get excited

That is the automatic color matching effect

The color way

It's the algorithm that adjusts the color matching

Among them

The most dramatic of course is the "random match"

You should be able to figure out the words yourself

Sometimes, of course

This random is also useful

I can fix a couple of colors

Let one or two colors go together

Maybe an unexpected surprise

For example, you can actually do this kind of thing

In addition to the random color scheme to set the primary color

It's already clear

It's about setting a primary tone

Then you can match the tone of the main tone

Or the opposite

More or less the same

Depending on your type selection

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