An Introduction of Rapier Loom

The rapier loom is currently the most widely used shuttleless looms, besides the characteristics like high speed, high degree of automation, high energy efficiency, the positive weft insertion method has given rapier loom strong adaptability, can adapt to all kinds of weft yarn. Rapier loom has obvious advantages in multi-color weft weaving, can weave as much as 16 color weft yarns. Rapier loom will become the main fabric weaving machine.

An Introduction of Rapier Loom

The biggest advantage of rigid rapier loom is that its weft insertion system can actively transfer the weft to the weaving shed without any guiding device. Rigid rapier loom require only small  area, due to its limit of the reed width. Flexible rapier loom has a weft insertion system with strong adaptability, with a significant increase in the rate of weft insertion, and reed width reaching up to 460cm. In the last 15 years of 20th century, electronic computers were introduced into weaving loom, combing micro electronics technology, information technology and weaving technology perfectly. Many electronic devices and systems become part of rapier loom, especially the widespread application of microelectronic technology, including weft insertion technology. Some of the weft insertion element is greatly improved with smaller size, and lighter weight. Due to the wide application of micro electronic technology, the rapier loom weaving speed and weft insertion rate are greatly increased. Rapier weft insertion speed becomes very high compared with other weft insertion methods, such as projectile, air-jet and water jet weft insertion system.

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